Got my Rainbow Marchenko again! Top one was barely warmed up, bottom was after stretch class. Still got a way to go before it’s flat but so happy I can do it :) #poledance #flexible #flexibility #bendybitch #contortion #splits #backbend #rainbowmarchenko #bendy #backsplit #polefit #polefitness #poler #polelife #split

Got my Rainbow Marchenko again! Top one was barely warmed up, bottom was after stretch class. Still got a way to go before it’s flat but so happy I can do it :) #poledance #flexible #flexibility #bendybitch #contortion #splits #backbend #rainbowmarchenko #bendy #backsplit #polefit #polefitness #poler #polelife #split













You’re fucking joking


Look how they tried to make this abusive piece of shit sexy. 


After this shit is released, expect a flood of expecting subs who don’t know that it’s abuse and more fake Doms preying on them. 

Yep. A flood of defensive posts, a flood of drama, a flood of exuberant basement dwelling shitdicks given new fuel in their predation. A flood of fucked up shit all around, a flood of teenaged girls who will grow up romanticizing this sort of thing.

Fuck. Like I know the book is trash. I know the former beta, back when it was just online fanfic who hates it with all her heart because the author refused to listen to her speak about BDSM. I’ve attempted the read the horseshit and failed before the third sentence.

And yet…


I think listener-blue and I should see this trainwreck.

Bdsm community, you’ve got a big storm coming.

I just hope audiences will stop to listen to people who are actually a part of the BDSM community when we say, “THIS IS NOT HOW IT WORKS.”

As a sub, I am very protective of other subs, and I don’t want any of them to think that this kind of relationship is healthy. BDSM is safe, sane, and consensual: always. If it isn’t, it’s abuse. Fifty Shades is about abuse, plain and simple. I don’t care what the author calls it; it—is—abuse.

Please, please, please, if you are thinking of joining the BDSM community, do not use Fifty Shades as a tutorial or a guide. Talk to people in the community. Don’t let yourself be beguiled and bamboozled by abusive people masquerading as doms. Don’t let anyone tell you that Fifty Shades is an accurate representation of BDSM. Don’t let anyone tell you that BDSM is abuse.

Talk to us. Come to us. Let us help you.


This ^  All of this.  ^^^^^^

Anonymous asked:

what did you think of WPSC 2014?

Honest opinion? Okay.

There were a lot of awesome performances and many that I thoroughly enjoyed. There’s no denying that those men and women were all incredibly strong and incredibly talented! But in my absolutely honest opinion, I didn’t really get into it as much as I thought I would.

You see, I consider pole an art form rather than a sport, and taking away the artistic flare, the creativity and the interpretation and stripping it to its bare bones takes a lot of the appeal out for me. Yes, I have an appreciation for the incredible displays of strength and flexibility, but there wasn’t a lot of diversity, especially when you had the compulsory moves that were used over and over again. Russian Splits stop being a wow-factor when they’re in every performance! Diversity is the main thing I love about pole; I love that I can go to a competition or a showcase and I can see so many different styles and so much personality spread throughout. You get people body rolling in seven-inch heels and you get athletes beasting out strength and you get can-can and tango and aliens and fairies and so many other bonkers themes and crazy costumes. I love that aspect. Pole sport? It’s a little flat for me.

I also really didn’t agree with the womens’ seniors results. Don’t get me wrong; Oona is a favourite of mine and her routine was great, but Alina should have won, in my opinion. I’ve seen all of Oona’s combos before, and I just didn’t get a “wow” from her. She was good, but she didn’t leave my jaw on the floor. And my favourite routine was definitely Heidi Coker’s, and I don’t understand how she got 4 points less than Oona for art & choreo. The masters 50+ I didn’t agree with either; Candice definitely should have won. Again, Greta was good but Candice was incredible. I almost feel like the judges just gave the favourites extra marks rather than actually judging it fairly. Still, I’m seeing art where they see sport; I’m not an expert and it’s probably not my place to question it. Maybe when I watch them back I’ll see their reasoning more clearly.

Also the poles were clearly very slippy. They had no problem with their poles last year so I don’t understand why this year they went for brass, but there was a lot of slipping. Not sure if that’s the fault of the pole cleaners, the poles, the heat or the athletes, but it was clearly an issue, and I felt some of the athletes should have had the opportunity to perform again - Monica van Beek definitely deserved a second opportunity, if no one else; I’m kind of appalled that she wasn’t granted that.

Overall, I’m glad I only spent £3 for the livestream rather than going down for the weekend. I appreciate that this is the direction many people want pole to take, and I still enjoy it and have mad respect for the athletes, but I will always consider pole an art over a sport.

This is the move I was talking about from the Alex Shchukin workshop. Ever since I first saw Bethany Finlay doing it I’ve desperately wanted to do it myself but I filed it under “moves I will never be able to do”. So even though it’s not perfect, I’m really excited that I got it!